Give your wedding cakes a modern twist

Now, many newlyweds are replacing the classic three-tiered rich fruit cake (covered in marzipan and icing) with desserts that best reflect their personality and tastes. The style and flavour of wedding cakes now include savoury options, wacky desserts and new baking trends, which offer a striking statement.

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The stacked doughnut wedding tower


Doughnut stack


For those who love these circular deep fried desserts, the wedding doughnut tower is an ideal wedding cake alternative. Frosting can complement the wedding theme and you could bake ring doughnuts or filled – stacked or tiered. This is a fun and filling wedding dessert, popular in America, which allows everyone to tuck in and enjoy a delicious pastry treat.

Wedding cake pops


Cake pops


Cake pops are becoming increasingly popular as wedding and celebration cake alternatives, offering a fuss-free, small yet very sweet dessert. These delicious treats are made up of sponge, usually mixed with buttercream, dipped in a sweet coating and often decorated. Cake pops also make great cake toppers too – decorated to resemble the happy couple.

The Oreo wedding cake



Image: Emily Steffen Photography

Who doesn’t enjoy milk and cookies? This stacked Oreo wedding dessert is pushing the cake boundaries while bringing back childhood memories of a delicious, refreshing treat. Why not suggest serving the cake to guests with chilled glasses of milk?

The waffle wedding cake



Image: Becca Rillo Photography

A breakfast/brunch wedding wouldn’t be complete without this delicious waffle cake. Cutting the cake, as a tradition, has been replaced by the pouring of sweet syrup. Newlyweds can share waffles with their guests, offering savoury flavours too, such as bacon and cheese.

The macaron tower


Many traditional french colorful macarons in a cake stand on white background.

Looking for a more sophisticated wedding cake alternative? Macaron towers are becoming an increasingly popular substitution for layer cakes, even for more traditional weddings. Easily matched to the wedding’s colour palette, macarons can be made in a variety of colours and flavours, whether it be delicate pastel shades or vibrant tropical tones. Whatever the combination, the macron tower is sure to be a truly spectacular centrepiece.

Modern-day wedding cakes are pushing the boundaries of previous traditions with couples finding even more ways to make a statement with this dessert. If you have more innovative and unique wedding cake ideas, share them with us via Twitter!


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